El Torcal Mountains Spanish Cave Hunting

So, What's El Torcal?

While on vacation in Malaga, my partner and I wanted to make the most of our time away in sunny Spain. We decided we were going to visit as many places as we possibly could. El Torcal was one of the places we chose to visit. It was defiantly one of our favourites too! We want to share this amazing experience with you!


The Sierra del Torcal (or El Torcal) is a small mountain range separating the cities of Antequera and Málaga. It has four geological sections: Sierra Pelada, Torcal Alto, Torcal Bajo and Tajos and Laderas. The highest point in El Torcal is Camorro de las Siete Mesas (1336 m) in the Torcal Alto.


The Jurassic age limestone is about 150 million years old and was laid down in a marine corridor that extended from the Gulf of Cádiz to Alicante between the present Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. These seabeds were uplifted to an elevation of over 1300 meters during the Tertiary era, resulting in a modest mountain range of flat-lying limestone, which is rare in Andalucia

Visiting El Torcal Mountains In Antequera

One of the main reasons we so badly wanted to explore the beautiful mountains and caves of El Torcal was because of its fascinating history. During our guided tour we were told by Sarah our guide that the whole area of Torcal (17km) including the cliff tops was under sea until 100 million years ago. Then the movement of the Earth’s crust pushed upwards into the hills and mountains up to 1,300m. This is the cause of the unusual rock formations you see there today.

We visited some of the caves inside of El Torcals mountains where we even managed to witness a cave that was created (plus lived in) by a famous outlaw during the Spanish Civil War. He apparently fled from the law and lived most off his life inside of this cave because he was so notorious, he had to live high up in the mountains. Away from any/all civilisation.


It was incredible as there was still markings on the inner cave walls, places you could see that had been created for special reasons (cooking areas, or to store equipment etc) and to witness such Spanish history was mind-blowing! 


Check out the video to watch more!

We Found A Ammonite Fossil

All over El Torcal Mountains In Antequera in Spain, you have the possibly to find fossils. 

Luckily, from some good research beforehand, we managed to find this ammonite Fossils original location before it was removed to preserve it.


Part of Grand Gallery. Ammonites inhabited the planet for more than 300 million years—almost twice as long as dinosaurs—before disappearing in the mass extinction event more than 66 million years ago.

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