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A Creative Marketing Guru

I’m full of creative, digital, video and business ideas that help boost your brand, business and marketing campaigns – making you stand out from the crowd!

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About Kent Wynne - Avino Wines - Wine Master Videography Shoot By Kent Wynne (C)

A Little More Of Me

Hi! My name is Kent Wynne and I'm super passionate about digital, video, marketing and business solutions!

Ever since starting off in creative arts in school, then moving into media through college and studying Media Production at Winchester University.

I’ve always wanted to pursue my life by simply helping others with solutions. So, I took a massive leap to go off and run my own business straight out of University.


10+ years later, I haven’t looked back and I’m still a seriously passionate guy with big goals to help you, or, your business succeed.


I specialise in digital, video, and marketing communication strategies to tell your brand story the right way. 

I’ve been honoured to work with some of the most famous names on the planet activating marketing campaigns, strategies, building web solutions, designing marketing collateral and filming content that converts! 

I’ve all so worked with numerous charities and helped raise over £10k through video and events. I have strong morals, and we all need to give back!

I live in Newbury Berkshire but serve clients all over the UK and even abroad!

Meet The Team

Being a master of one or a jack-of-all-trades in today’s world does not bring about success if you are unable to work as part of a team. The importance of teamwork cannot be stressed enough! I want to work with great like-minded team players who are passionate about what they do. So we together can create amazing solutions for clients, brands, and businesses.

Providing solutions is a way of life for us!

Passionate Business-Minded Guru

I’ve designed my work and agency to ‘pack a punch‘ without the typical costs of larger agency partners.

I’ve worked with some pretty cool people, brands and businesses!

Running Through

My success story


Master Photographer Award

Entering my image from Winchester Cathedral into the Sony Master photographers award, and I won 1st place for the Master Photographer award category.


UK National Campaigns

Working with Google, Tile and Ring Doorbell 2, helping launch UK-wide design and marketing assets for their product campaigns. My designs were placed into every UK Currys/PC World store.


CarGuru's SEM Software

Everyone knows I love my tech, so I worked with CarGuru's BETA testing and help developing their search engine marketing software before being released into the UK automotive market.


Working With Top Global Brands

Working with automotive brands (Volkswagen, Renault, Alpine) on their digital, email, video & marketing campaigns to boost conversions. I use data, digital and video to drive sales conversions.


Sky AdSmart Partner

I'm working my hardest on becoming partners with top global brands, so I can offer all my clients the top agency-level services, products and software. My Sky Advertising helps you get you instantly known across the whole of the UK!

My Core Values

What I Value

Together, I put people first and believe my values make me different to most corporate agencies.

Give a Damn

I care about each business, the clients & the work I do for them. This shines through everything I do.

Be Brave

I believe in challenging each other, in standing up, in speaking out. I believe in trying new and difficult things in order to make ourselves and our work better and stand out from the ‘norm’ crowd.

Stay Curious

I actively seek out the new and the unusual, finding inspiration everywhere in the world around us. I think we often follow too many trends, why not make your own?!

Take Pride

I am open, accepting and inclusive, and I support each client on their journey to reach their true potential. I’m all so actively working towards finding pride in the best solution for the individual.

My Services

Apart From Taking Photos Of Cats as you see to the photo ;)


I have a wide range of services all built to help you or your business.


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