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Drone Videography

The newest drones I use are equipped with the most amazing cameras that allow taking breathtaking 2/4K video quality, time-lapses and aerial content that brings a totally new creative aspect to your video projects. 

Social Content Creation

The best part about having a business, is to show what you do, how you do it and why people should work with you. This is where I come in! I help you and your business with creative social content and even offer monthly retainers to help push content out on a regular basis.

Video & Video Marketing

I use my numerous years of video experience to create content that matters, created for where it matters and to convert you business revenue. I don’t just create cool videos, I create with intention, strategy and to tell your story.

About Me

I create video content that matters and that converts!

If you’re price shopping for videographers then…

I get it!


You’ve got a business to run and are just trying to keep costs down to get the best deal.


But the cheapest quote isn’t always the best option.


Now don’t get me wrong, the most expensive doesn’t mean they’re the best choice either.

At the end of the day, what are they offering you – just a cool looking video or actual business results and video marketing behind it?


Are they providing a tailor made solution for your business that solves an issue you’re currently facing?


Is the content going to help you achieve your desired outcome or business goals? And are you likely going to get a return on that initial investment?


See premium content isn’t so pricey when it drives business results!


It’s the cheap content that ends up costing more and wasting your time if it does nothing for your brand.

Invest wisely.

Why Aren't You Using Video?

Video Marketing

Video marketing is using videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with the most powerful marketing medium on the planet. VIDEO!

There’s a range of business video marketing solutions for businesses and personal brands. However, I like to keep it bespoke to your individual needs.

By contacting me below, we can arrange those needs and map out what works best for you.

CAA Approved & Insured Drone Services

Drone Video & Photo Services

KW Creative Drone Operator - Music Events Aerial Drone Photography and Video Services By Kent Wynne (C)

Event Video

  • Concerts & Music
  • Outdoor Festivals
  • Promotional Events
  • Team Sports
  • Weddings
KW Creative Drone Operator - High-End Property & Real Estate Aerial Drone Photography and Video Services By Kent Wynne (C)

Property Video

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • High-End Residential
  • Flyovers/Walkthroughs
  • Country Clubs/Golf Courses
  • Schools/Universities
Reading Renault Branch Drone Photosgraphy - Automotive Drone Photography & Videography By Kent Wynne (C)

Commercial Video

  • Automotive
  • Construction & Trade
  • Real Estate
  • Landmarks & Cityscapes
  • Residential & Landscape

Seriously! Passionate about video

From filming luxury car launches for Ferrari, to filming product commercials. I've got you covered!

I offer a full end-to-end video service. Helping you create, but create with intention to market.


I’m well-known for creating video content that drives revenue from the video production. Giving you the best form of ROI possible and actually gaining new business. Not just a fancy video that gets lots of likes.

Likes don’t pay the businesses bills!


It all starts off with an idea, so let’s create something!

Kent Wynne Behind The Scenes Filming Alpine A110 Legende GT - KW Creative Automotive Videography By Kent Wynne (C)
Initial Idea

Let’s plant the seed! Create the idea, or, if you already have a brief, perfect send it over. If you have specific requirements, please let me know!

02 -
Planning & Structure

I will plan and structure everything I will need for the drone video or photoshoot , I’ll include a risk assessment form ready to get started. Safely!

03 -
Film Day

Of course, this is the fun part and where we capture something epic. I make sure the day goes to plan and every flight is safely executed! 

Let's Create...

I’m extremely excited about creating video content for your next project. Get in touch for a free consultation today! 

Professional. Experienced. Passionate. Video & Video Marketing

My Video Work

Professional. Experienced. Passionate.

Meet The Video Team


Hi, I’m Kent after studying graphic design at Oxford Brookes University and Media Production at Winchester University, I set up my own company in the hope of helping small to large businesses or brands to create business solutions. Solutions for powerful digital video campaigns for their digital marketing, social media and advertising. In my spare time, I like DJ’ing music and travelling to showcase the world with my camera.

Photography & Video Assistant

Hi, I’m Mark and I am passionate about creating new and exciting ideas in the media of photography, especially in the automotive sense. Working with Kent over the past few years projects has really opened my eyes to new techniques, plus has accelerated my drive into perfecting my photo and video work. I am enthusiastic about VW’s, detailing and those sunset drives. 

Video Clients

Why Me?


I’m trusted locally, by governing bodies and by global businesses for my work, services, results and for the way I do business.

Reasonable Pricing

I build services and solutions to your budget, this means you’re always able to afford what services you need from me.


I aim to please with fast-turnovers on mostly all workloads. I work towards your time, budget and deployment needs.

Revenue Driver

I’m known for driving real revenue and results from what I do. It’s a promise I make through the passion I have for what I do.

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