I Create Advertising Conversion-King Campaigns

Creating Advertising Campaigns Since 2016

I help you spread your brand, business or product everywhere!

With numerous years of advertising for a variety of small businesses to global brands, I know how to get you noticed online and convert your ad spend into revenue.

I help you or your business create advertising campaigns that not only stands out from the crowd but, connects with your target audience. Which, in turn, generates higher and warmer leads into your business. Meaning you get more ‘bang for your buck’ and actually gain new business or revenue from my campaigns. 

Video advertising and marketing is the lifeblood of your business

Get Found Online By Social Media Advertising - Social Media Advertising Agency - KW Creative Advertising By Kent Wynne

Advertising is a means of communication with the users of a product or service. 


Advertisements are digital or visual messages paid for by those who want to create something that is intended to inform or influence people who receive them. This can be from search engines, capturing audience traffic through keywords and geolocations, or, through social media. 


This is what I help you create, target, deploy and manage. 

Understand why advertising is so important!

I’m here to help you find the best possible advertising solution, meeting your requirements, time and budget.

Boosting Your Brand

I will help you achieve your online advertising goals

My methods have been proven many times over! I use data to drive results and return of interest to provide clever advertising, targeting and methods. All of which I’ve learnt over the past 6 years running highly successful campaigns. Converting REAL revenue for each client through warm-lead generation.

Introducing Sky TV Advertisement
Sky AdSmart TV Advertisement - KW Creative Advertising Agency
Boosting Your Brand

Helping you achieve MASS scale awareness on TV

For years, many businesses have thought that TV advertising has been out of their reach due to its mass appeal and associated costs. Sky AdSmart is turning that thinking on its head – making TV relevant and affordable for businesses across the UK.


But why use TV to help your business? 


Because TV is the most effective form of advertising there is…

Advertising Design

KW Creative - Kent Wynne Bill Board Advertising Agency Berkshire & Hampshire

Creative Design For Billboards & Anything Outside To Help Creatively Market Your Business, Product Or Service.

Marketing Collateral

KW Creative - Kent Wynne Marketing Collateral Design For Advertising Berkshire & Hampshire

Creative Design For All Your Marketing Collateral You’ll Use To Advertises Yourself, Your Business, Product Or Service.

Introducing Advertising That Converts

Raise your brand awareness or sales by creating conversion-based video ad funnels

Online Advertisement So Good You Stay Up To View Them - Social Media Advertising Agency - KW Creative Advertising By Kent Wynne

I create video adverts so good, you'd want to stay up to watch them!

After numerous direct car sales, product sales and thousands of warm-generated leads. I can fairly say I drive decent results for my clients! Especially, from my video productions that are placed into advertising campaigns. I’m passionate about this, it’s something that MUST be done. Not just because you pay me. But, because I love watching your success grow and grow!

How to get started?

Initial Idea

We plan and strategise your idea ready to create your advert on your chosen platform Google search, or social media (Facebook & Instagram).

02 -

I either create your design, photo or video for advertising. Or, you provide this to me ready to build your campaign. 

03 -

I then deploy your advertising campaign with your chosen budget. I keep steady eyes on this campaign whilst it runs, making any/all adjustments necessary. 

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Passionate. Experienced. ROI focused!

I’m very passionate about getting you results online, so much that I’ve spent the past 5 years testing various methods, learning, researching and A/B testing ads to find what works the best. There’s always more to learn, however, I’ve always got fantastic results from every campaign I’ve created.  Usually, always driving a ton of warm leads plus helping generate sales.


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