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Big soulless corporate? Nah. Authentic small agency hell yeah!

We’re KW Creative, we’re different and we love it. We love helping all types of brands and businesses take the main stage and achieve their website goals.



We’re not your traditional agency, no lock-in contracts, we don’t have a sales team. We just want to hear about your business, and your website goals and help get you there together.


We build website solutions, not just a normal boring website. 



The passion you have for your business is multiplied by our passion for creating websites that work around you, your business to help make your new website work harder, be found or capture data!

Web Solutions, Not Just A Website!

A website without solutions, strategy or marketing is like building a house to look at, not to live in

Hi, I’m Kent Wynne and I’ve been building, maintaining or developing web solutions for people for the past 6+ years now. I’m passionate about finding real solutions to your web needs, not just giving you the typical “Oh I can build you a website”!


I build you something visually stunning, works for the user, has marketing and strategy, top-end content and SEO to help you get found online.


Don’t cheap out and GoDaddy or Wix It! – Get A Real-Value Website Solution.

Did You Know?

KW Creative Website Solutions are rated Top 3 For Web Design and Safety By SafeBuy In Berkshire and Hampshire!

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Correct Direction

I focus on making sure you have the correct website direction, ensuring that it will achieve results. I give you clear and honest advice from many years of experience, none of that sales or web jargon. Just what you do and don’t need, what I’d advise on having for specific reasons and wherever you’re able to save on cost and time.

Tangible CTA's

I work with you to create an end-goal, targets or call-to-actions on the website. To ensure your website actually works for you and drives leads. I work on data-capture, marketing and helping sell yourself visually through clever user website journeys. I ensure all areas of the website are tangible and function properly for the user in order to better the website relationship with your potential new customers. 

Content Is King

I help you create attractive digital and video-based content that is audience specific, building your brand and gaining your warm-leads into your business. Content highly ranks with search engines, often even over good SEO, so it’s important you have content that relates and helps converts. I can also help you create new content formats that will boost your web conversions. 

Web Marketing

I help you find the best digital marketing solution that will build brand, lead-conversions, data-capture and customers through clever digital marketing solutions. I work with you to ensure you have the best web marketing tools on your website possible. As my web solutions are built within WordPress, there are a ton of free plugins and marketing resources available.

SEO & User

It’s important to have a strong SEO solution. So, as standard in all packages, I give you search engine optimisation, ensuring you get found online by search bots which index your website. I work with you on the big to little things, even naming your files so your content is relevant, search-focused and keyworded correctly. I work hard to make sure the site is rated highly before deploying it live.

Web Security

Being very anal on security and highly rated for implementing secure website solutions. You can rest assured me and my developer build your website to be as safe as possible. I also offer yearly Maintenance packages on a flat £500.00 as a standard for mainly all the maintenance, content building, plugin and most importantly security updates you’ll need.

All our websites are built-in WordPress and responsive across all devices. 

Here is a sneak peak at our clients BT Electrical’s website build, so you can see a visual example of one of our website solutions. 

Already know your website project requirements and want to jump right in? Get in touch today.

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TONS of added extras available!

From giving you a FREE theme, to free stock images or infographics, plugins to help with business and security, all the way to free email marketing solutions. I'm not just here to take your money, but to give you more 'bang for your buck'!

Maintenance Packages

I offer a yearly (ongoing Each Year) Maintenance package on a flat £500.00 as a standard for mainly all the maintenance, content building, plugin and most importantly security updates you'll need. This ensures the site is kept safe, saving you time and money.

Reach real website goals

Let us get you real ROI through clever website tactics

I don’t just say things for fun, I truly want you to gain new business and be successful! It’s truly something that is a passion of mine. With over 9+ years in business, boy, have I learnt some good tricks of the trade.


Plus how to maximise your investments, better marketing, advertise, digitalise and of course strategies through just being clever about your web solution.


You don’t build a plain old simple car, to race on a track. The same rules apply to a website. Build a website that provides solutions to your business, not just because it’s cheap and easy. Or, you’ll regret it in the long run!


I found working with so many variants of businesses, that a lot of BEST businesses are just loosely thrown together without thinking where most of your traffic leads to…your WEBSITE. Then people wonder why they didn’t make a web solution, but, built a website instead.  A website is a website, but a website that solves solutions and works with you is often overlooked.


This is where our experienced team come in, from server/hosting to website deployment and going to market. We cover an end-end service and have fully managed solutions. Helping you to focus on your business whilst letting us do all the ‘techy’ or ‘geeky’ stuff!


We have our senior developer Valentin on board to get your hosting and server setup to the highest standards possible. He will also work with me to ensure your website security is to the highest standard possible. We tell you the best two possible options from your chosen budget, we then do all the hard work setting it up and keep you informed of the whole process.


We build our solutions to be adaptable to virtually every single industry and person. We have a standardised workflow and website requirements yes, but we build and tailor each design, bit of content and even plugin to work for you. Best thing? We build our solutions on one of the biggest web platforms in the world, where there are thousands of FREE plugins to help nearly every need possible. Meaning, we can actually save you a ton of money on writing hard code to build API’s or plugins you need. We just find them, show you them, you say yes or no and you don’t pay a penny extra than you pay us to apply it. 



Web Learning Centre

Why You Need A Website?

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What Is Responsive Design?

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I Know A Thing Or Two

None of that hey, trust me I’m a professional after watching one or two YouTube videos on how to build a WIX site. That’s just not how we do business #sorrynotsorry! I’ve personally worked on web technologies for years now and even helped develop web software search tech for global businesses. So, yes, without inflating my head too much. I can fairly say I’m a bit of a web tech geek. Not afraid to admit it, and our teams work shows for itself.

Watch how I helped BETA test (and help apply software/search development tactics)  for market leader CarGurus. I then used marketing SEM strategy to BOOST business results for Sascron Car Supermarket’s website.

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