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A Growing Creative Team With Years Of Experience In Their Fields

Being a master of one or a jack-of-all-trades in today’s world does not bring about success if you are unable to work as part of a team. The importance of teamwork cannot be stressed enough! I want to work with great like-minded team players who are passionate about what they do. So we together can create amazing solutions for clients, brands and businesses.

Providing solutions is a way of life for us!

Kent Wynne

Founder & Owner

Hi I’m Kent after studying graphic design at Oxford Brookes University and Media Production at Winchester University, I setup my own company in the hope of helping small to large business or brands to create powerful digital video campaigns for their digital marketing, social media and advertising. 

Tammy Skinner

Personal & Business Assistant

Hey, I’m Tammy! I studied photography and media in college and have had a passion for design ever since. I’m fairly new to the team but already feel so confident in the work I do. I find it extremely rewarding and enjoy the challenge! In my spare time I value spending time with those who mean the most.

Valentin Dvoryanchikovv

Senior Web Developer

Hi I’m Valentin and I love creating simple to use yet powerful websites and make them live in high performance environments. Web design is a way of life for me! In my spare time I enjoy Football, travelling, playing drums and teasing my pet cat.

Mark Rice

Photography & Video Assistant

Hi, I’m Mark and I am passionate about creating new and exciting ideas in the media of photography, especially in the automotive sense. Working with Kent in the past on his automotive media projects has really opened my eyes to new techniques, plus has accelerated my drive into perfecting this art. I am enthusiastic about VW’s, detailing and those sunset drives. 

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