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Growth Levers To Pull

If You WANT Extra Momentum 🚀

Levers to pull when things are going RIGHT. Sadly (or happily, depending on the day haha), there’s always more to be done OBVIOUSLY! We as business owners are like octopuses with 8 arms into everything! With that, here are strategies/areas to pay attention to when you need or just WANT extra momentum.


🎁 Subscription Presents 🎁

Yes, you heard me right. PRESENTS BABY! Who doesn’t love a present? So, when you’re selling a product that has a subscription option, and if you want to keep loyalty for the customers, maybe a 3rd and 4th order for example you’d want to include a surprise gift that is of value (JUST MAKE IT NICE)– in their package.

You’d call it out and say it is a thank you for their loyalty, with a handwritten note, and you’ll let them know that many more surprises are headed their way with future orders – because it’s the LEAST you can do. Guess what happens when you do that, it blows up on social too. Giving you almost free brand awareness. I mean, that’s a ‘Win-Win’ just for being nice to your customer!


I heard someone once say:


P.S. It’s important to CALL the present out (that’s where the note comes in – otherwise your customer will think your warehouse accidentally included something). Make it known basically, then it’s going to have a positive ‘smiles all-around” impact!


🛒 Delayed Site Pop-Up Offer 🛒

KEYWORD being delayed. Don’t you just hate when you visit a site, and like, a THOUSAND things pop up, then you’ve just clicked off them all, and POW right in the kisser … comes that pop-up offering you something? Before, you’ve even had a chance to take a looksie around. I mean, just stop that! Please, no one wants it.

So, make it delayed, enough time for them to have a look around, then offer free shipping on their first order, but only once they’ve browsed!! I’m talking like 30 seconds in. LET them have the chance to want something before you shove marketing down their throats and FORK their information over.

Or a popup that intercepts them right when they’re about to exit and twists their wrist to purchase.

Sometimes we forget that if you pop up before someone has seen anything on site, it’s jarring. Or is that just what your “expert web designer” tells you to do? 😂


📢 Whitelisting Ads 📢

If you’re running paid adverts on Meta (Facebook), have you had your business owner (unless that’s you) create UGC that is then whitelisted from their handle?

Or, have you run your evergreen ad creatives from your brand’s handle and from your founder’s handle at the same time to see if your customer prefers to buy from a person (your founder) vs. from your brand account? This is pretty critical information to seek as you’ll get a better grip on what methods are converting in your marketing vs which are not.


🥇 1st Order One-Time Only🥇

On the 1st order, as a rule, we have to fight the urge to be greedy. But we all love being greedy, right 🤷🏻‍♂️

Sure the brand prefers to get the net-new customer to subscribe right away because then they will get the customer to come back, and then the customer will be more profitable. Right? No, not really.

If you haven’t yet run this test, why not try and see if your CAC is lower if you run net-new, paid traffic to a one-time purchase landing page that has a section on subscription but that doesn’t push it? Push the product! Be Pushy enough for them to trust you enough to buy it but not TOO FORCEFUL and Then get them to subscribe once they have taken the risk of buying something they’ve never tried.

Put it this way, do you subscribe to things you’ve never tried, for example? No, no you don’t. It’s really that simple!

Then watch this cohort and see if you can get them to subscribe and if they are actually stickier than the customer that came in on paid, took your subscription offer, and then suddenly decided to cancel after the 1st order.


TEST THIS AND SEE – Let me know the results!


🔝 Upsell The Biggest Size 🔝

I could be brutally murdered by my old Samsung teams that I used to train across the UK for saying that, in my books, you NEVER upsell. You DOWNSELL, as showing the customer this amazing top-end product (which is so amazing blah blah), then showing them the 💩 lower-end version. What’s really going to happen? I mean, 9 out of 10 times when I trained people across the UK for Samsung to adopt this method it worked. The one percent it didn’t, was purely because they were (sorry to say it) *cough cough* Cheap! Maybe, In a nicer way, they didn’t register the actual value of having the top-end product?! It’s not a forceful technique, by the way, it’s more about showing them what I call “features and benefits” that they’ll get in the top product, vs the bottom, not the other way around. Anyway, moving on before I get a knock on the door from the Director of Samsung 😂

We’ve been A/B testing our cart upsells and we’ve seen TIME AND TIME AGAIN that if you upsell a bigger size of the same item that they’ve already chosen, vs. trying to push entirely different products – you win. Strange, but for our clients, it worked so why not give it a go?


🧸 Free Gift & Wrapping Note 🧸

In the spirit of Q4, create a holiday shop or gift guide for your site and for the products you’ve chosen for said shop, then offer free gift packaging and a free note.

This makes a gift come to life when they need to give the gift to someone special. Making a personalised note really makes the difference, TRUST me.

When I’m looking for gifts to buy people, I look for things that are wrapped. Do you give your friends or family an open item? I mean, cool if you do! saves wrapping paper 😂 but I also prefer to not have to source my own card, I’m lazy like that!


🎁 Present With First 100 Orders 🎁

The next time you launch something, even if it’s a 1-day sale, incentivize your 1st customers. Reward the customers that are QUICK. When your launch feels URGENT, people add more to the cart.

Here’s an example: “Tomorrow at 9am we launch product X. The 1st 100 orders placed for product X will get (INSERT YOUR SUPER OFFER HERE) – as a thank you from us! Set your alarms, (YOUR SUPER OFFER HERE) is a special edition and won’t be sold on site.”

Present With First 100 Orders

I just love this – a personal fav trick I’ve used a few times on big brands’ social media channels.

On organic social, have your social team post stories like usual. Then, completely out of the blue, make a story that says:

Hi, I’m Sam – I run social for X. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s my half-birthday and I feel like giving you a present. Use code SAM in the next hour and get all denim for $20 off. It expires at 11:05 ET. RUN! xoxo

When you have your social team act like it’s PERSONAL and like the sale is their idea – it feels cuter. It’s human nature we like these things and I found when you make it only 1 hour, you teach your customers to pay attention to your organic social.



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