The Meaco Air Vax Air Purifier Review

So, What's With Air Purifiers?

The Meaco AirVax defines the next generation of air purifiers. 


There is no doubt when the AirVax looks sleek and aesthetically pleasing with a modern twist. Personally I found it a “welcome addition” to my Home business, so any home the AirVax could create a healthy living environment with the potential to improve health. On another note even though essentially the AirVax is not an dehumidifier, it has improved my small mold issues within the house moderately which is always a good thing.

A saying comes to mind…
“Ain’t nobody got time for that” when it comes to mold! 

The Facts

In independent tests have shown that the globally original “Airvax Static Electricity Film Filter (SEFF)” has proven its capability to remove the air particles <0.25㎛.


And, in fact catching particles as small as 0.1㎛ is possible).


Key Facts:

– Long Life SEFF Filter – Up to 3 years

– One Year Warranty

– Unique internationally patented design

– Catches dust, smoke, bacteria, moulds, smells and VOCs

– Catches smaller particles than a standard HEPA filter

– Removes carbon monoxide

– Filter replacement interval up to 3 years

– 3 speed fan with near silent operation

– Low running costs at a maximum of just 5 watts

– It effectively cleans areas up to 25 m2 (269 ft2)

How It Works

Do You Incur Problems Breathing At Home?

“Those with lung conditions such as emphysema or COPD might also consider buying an air filter, says Paul Enright, MD, research professor of medicine at the University of Arizona”.


As well as dust particles the “SEFF”, the AirVax can remove:

– Smells
– Moulds
– Virus
– Carbon monoxide
– Tobacco smoke
– Car exhaust gases
– Allergens
– Formaldehyde
– Toluene
– Benzene
– Pollens
– Germs and bacteria

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The Bottom Line

NOW…That is a list of irritants that is extremely hard for any other air purifier to beat, especially at such a competitive price range.


The AirVax is not only good looking but energy efficient using a maximum of just 5 watts and the filter has an “effective life cycle” of up to three years. If you need a healthier living environment whether at work or at home, then the AirVax is the next innovative generation air purifier for today’s… generation.

KW Creative Home Technology Blog - Air Vax Vienna Air Purifier Product Review - Product Photography By Kent Wynne (C).jpg

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