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Car Gurus UK

Working with Car Gurus BETA Testing and developing their SEM software

I helped with the launch of the new SEM (search Engine Marketing) tool that CarGurus were implementing into their new website. We were one the few people in the UK to help BETA test and work with their software teams to fine tune the software before they launched into the UK on a mass scale. 



As a digital and video marketeer for over 9 years, I don’t just create cool content, I create with marketing and sales intent – so you gain ROI. I’d love to work with you or your business on your next automotive project. Whether that be for your social media, website, campaign or marketing needs.

I Create For
End Goals

I always create digital & video marketing with an end-goal and placement in mind!

I Turn Ideas
Into Reality

I work with you to make your automotive marketing dreams become reality!

Automotive Marketing Management

Digital Marketing at its Finest

Car Guru’s Interview with Kim & Kent From Sascron Car Supermarket. 

As a Digital Marketing Automotive Expert I worked with Car Gurus on BETA Testing and helping develop Car Gurus SEM software. Which made a HUGE impact to car dealership Sascron’s marketing, digital and sales foot print. 

Digital Automotive Marketing Guru

All My Photography With Car Gurus behind the scenes

I worked directly with Car Gurus on the technical development of their SEM (Search Engine Marketing) software before it was launched into the UK automotive marketplace.


With massive success  and massive revenue gained from my and Car Gurus efforts of SEM, I was asked to be interviewed and filmed for a promotional interview piece  to showcase the highlights of the software, and, why its worth having for car dealerships.


If you have a dealership and need someone with diverse creative marketing  abilities to help you push your car brands – please get in touch!

About Kent Wynne - Behind The Scenes - Car Gurus SEM Video Shoot 2020 - Automotive Photography By Kent Wynne - WEB (C)

Content creation is the process of generating topic ideas that appeal to your buyer persona, creating written or visual content around those ideas, and making that information accessible to your audience as a blog, video, infographic, or other format. Without content that speaks and builds conversion, you’re essentially just creating for fun, and that’s where I come in. I help you find creative ways to produce content that helps you convert into sales!

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

Knowing The Product

You must know your product or the product inside and out. If not, I work with you to know this, so, the content produced is relevant, engaging, creative and drives people to convert into sales.

Advertising To The Right Customer

This is no secret I know! However, you’ll be surprised with how many people I see just smashing that ‘BOOST’ button these days and thinking that is going to work. Trust me, It won’t! 


My advertising and techniques have extremely high-proven results, and numerous years for big global brands or businesses. I know how to put content in front of the people who matter for you, and generate warm leads! Not just throwing ad money out the window without results.

Believe In Better Content!

You will be surprised at what I can create with a good idea, planning and an end-goal

I’ve worked for over 9 years creating content that matters, and content that works for my clients. Its a strong passion of mine to produce high-end conversion-led content as I want the content to work for you, or, your business!

Having An End-Goal

It’s so important to create things that matter with the sheer amount of content thrown at us today. Plus, to measure success, and you cannot these things without an end-goal in mind. 


I work with you to strategise end-goals that will have an high-impact on your sales conversions. 


This is extremely important to me and I’m very passionate about getting you, or your business the best results possible.

Why Me?

Since young I've been a car nut!

Since I was young I’ve always been interested in cars, apparently I could even name every car brand that drove past when I was  still in a babies car seat!


I have deep family routes in automotive too, with my family actually racing Formula 3 and me attending as many of those races as I could. So, It’s not just about money for me, but creating automotive content that matters, and has actionable results! 


My automotive content has been showcased all over the UK, internationally, in local and national newspapers, advertised around the world.


There is a reason why I stand out, it’s my passion and it shines in everything I do.


Don’t be shy and get in touch, I don’t bite!

Let's Create Something Automotive!