Why Branded Apparel is Important for Business

Why Branded Apparel Is Important For Business


 Uniforms are an important part of any team. Whether it is a team at work or an outside organisation such as a sports club or charity. The benefits and the importance of using personalised work uniforms will surprise you and for this reason, it’s recommended that you use high-quality customisation techniques in order to ensure that they’re made to the highest possible standards, this reflects your company and corporate image in the best light possible. But why are uniforms so important? What makes them special and why are they still necessary in today’s modern age? Well, let me explain…



For all companies, branding is important. Every marketing piece, commercial, website, etc., is a representative of your brand and makes up your brand image. In addition to branding that your business is presenting, there are individuals outside your company that admire your company and would be interested in telling others why they like your brand; these are your brand ambassadors. You can easily find your brand ambassadors online as these are the people that may be blogging about you or tweeting about their experiences with your business.


While online it’s easy to tell who your brand ambassadors are, offline it may not be as easy. How are you able to know who your brand ambassadors are by just looking at them? You can when they walk around wearing something with your logo! Branded apparel is a great way for a business to get your brand in front of others.


Here are some branded apparel items that we think are great

for your brand ambassadors and also your employees!


Shirts/Hoodies are our favourite branded apparel item. From t-shirts to polo shirts there are many styles of branded shirts, which make these appropriate for many different settings. Shirts/Hoodies are not only our favourite branded item because of their versatility, but also because consumers keep promotional shirts or hoodies!

In addition to providing branded apparel to consumers that love your brand, make sure you are branding your employees especially at high profile events like conventions and trade shows. For these types of events, even when you are not at your booth or with other company employees, others will know who you represent which can be a great opportunity to speak about your brand. Shirts are perfect for everyone and are sure to start up conversations with your employees and brand ambassadors about your products.

Our branded hoodies, for example, state "We're Creative" on the back, this nearly every time sparks a fun conversation about our company to anyone viewing!




In addition to shirts, we like branded outerwear apparel! We like outerwear items such as jackets and sweaters, which can come in various styles and thicknesses for all types of weather. As with other branded apparel items make sure to get items that are well representative of your business; if your branded apparel does not look great, a negative image may be felt about your brand instantly - which we all don't want!


Perfect for a sporting event, a sunny day and more, various types of headwear are great branding tools. We like hats for your giveaways and freebies at events, but we also think this is a great branding tool for a company outing. Not only will your employees wear the hats at the event, but each time they wear the hat elsewhere your brand will be noticed.

We tend to always wear our branded hats/beanies at bookings showcasing our brand to new potential customers and to show we love our company!


Custom logo stickers can be used in a variety of situations such as at trade shows, in your storefront, at special events, in sample packs, and so on. You can use your business logo to create custom logo stickers, or any other brand imagery you may have to create branded swag. If people like your brand, (we hope they do!), they’ll stick your branded sticker on laptops, water bottles, notebooks and more - and suddenly they aren’t just customers, they’re walking brand advocates. You can literally place these stickers anywhere too...

Yes, anywhere! Whether that be on a lamppost, on your shop window or in our case Kent's car. Get your sticker swag on today and get advertising your brand!

What does branded apparel items do for your company or brand?


They help you look the part:

Uniforms play an important role in creating a smart and professional look for your team or organisation. The way you and your team looks says an awful lot about the organisation and this can either keep people interested in what you have to offer, or it could make them turn away and use one of your competitors instead. A messy team member can suggest a messy business and that is certainly not an image that any company wants to portray to its customers, online, in person or to the general public.


They create awareness:

Many companies try various different techniques and spend a lot of money trying to raise awareness of their brand or cause. A signified uniform is incredibly important because it doesn’t just help your team look the part, it also helps to raise awareness as it can display your logo, your name, your contact details and anything else that you think is important for the general public to know. What’s more, we see loads of people each and every day and this means that your corporate workwear can get more and more exposure at a much cheaper cost. In fact, a 2008 study showed that the average cost per impression for printed products was £0.004p! Now that's some cheap advertisement! 

Corporate workwear doesn’t just end at T-Shirts either, you can customise all kinds of apparel including hats, socks, jumpers, fleeces – you name it, it can be customised using either printing or embroidery.


They bring your team together:

The power that a uniform has is to bring people together and is dramatically underestimated by both bosses and team leaders. Most people don’t understand how a uniform could possibly bring together a group of people, but the truth is that they really! Most volunteers and staff members want to feel like they’re part of something and this extends to your members of staff as well. Not having a sense of togetherness can cause problems in the workplace as people can become disconnected from each other and there’s always the potential that the work isn’t done for and with the other team members. A uniform can be a great way to help your employees understand that they’re part of something bigger, they’re part of a team and that team is incredibly important to your company. Its highly proven that when you feel part of something, it leads to increased productivity.


They make life a little bit easier:

There is no doubt about this next one, uniforms help to make life easier. This is important for both the employer and the employee as it removes the difficulties of deciding what you’re planning on wearing each day. Also, as not everyone's idea of what constitutes ‘smart clothing’ is the same, it removes any confusion and helps businesses and organisations get rid of any issues surrounding clothing once and for all! Of course, this may be an additional expense at first, but its certainly an easy long-term solution for anyone or any business.


They can actually be fun:

Uniforms can actually provide entertainment for your team if they’re a part of the creation process. If you’re considering using staff uniforms for the first time, or even if you’re thinking of swapping old uniforms for new, updated designs, then why not give everyone a chance to have their say on what the uniforms will look like – after all, it’s your employees will be the ones wearing them. You could also offer your employees a range of different colours and patterns and decide whether printing or embroidery is the best customisation technique for your brand. This is not only important because it brings people together, but it can also keep all of your team members moral at record highs!



I used the Hat Store for my branded Hats/Beanies and I couldn't be happier!  




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