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While planning our trip to Spain we knew we couldn’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to also stop in Marbella for a day to visit the beautiful beaches and city.
We hopped on a coach taking us out of Malaga airport to Marbella city centre. The coach ride was around 45mins and was filled with plenty of gorgeous scenery to gaze upon during the journey.


We got off the coach and the heat was intense, somehow even hotter than Malaga, which I wasn’t sure was even possible...

We made our way through the city stopping to look through the 'turista' tourist shops to then head towards the stunning sandy beach. We could finally spot the golden sand and deep blue waters of Marbella.

It was around 12 pm and the sun was now beating down. We approached the sand and started to walk towards the sea. The sand was so hot and my feet burnt, but it was absolutely worth the feeling of relief as the cool water hit my feet.


After a while of walking along the beach, we turned back to the street that ran along the beachfront with little shops, a few bars and buskers. There were sand 'esculturas' sculptures with some real talent, showing off their detailed sculptures with smiles on their faces. They apparently get permission by the local 'Consejo' which is the council to display their artwork (that sometimes takes days to create) but only really survive of tips.

Another thing that caught my eye was a man with spray paint cans, he had artwork laid out in front with prices on each piece. We stopped and spoke to him about his art, and he showed us how he does it. He had no inspiration at all, just the ideas in his head and started spraying paint down layer after layer, using the cans as lids for stencils. Check the video below to see this amazing street art

It was amazing to watch him at work! A couple of minutes went by and he was finished. It was a 'hermosa' beautiful galaxy scene with stars that gave of the look of sparking. We bought two pieces of art from the talented man and continued walking.

As the afternoon set in we stopped and had something to eat, and started to make our way toward the bus station to return home. Marbella is one of Spain's most popular destinations, its appeal is easy to understand. It's also a beach lover's paradise. There are a staggering 23 beaches along its 27kms of coastline  - overall Marbella was a stunning location with great Spanish culture. I would highly recommend visiting here if you are a couple and the West of Marbella town. The 'Milla de Oro' which is the Golden Mile of prestigious nightclubs and coastal estates leading to Puerto Banús marina, filled with luxury yachts, and surrounded by upmarket boutiques and bars.

“ Marbella was full of Spanish luxuries and hidden gems which is perfect for the travelling couple 

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