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While on vacation in Malaga, my partner and I wanted to make the most of our time away in sunny Spain. We decided we were going to visit as many places as we possibly could. El Torcal was one of the places we chose to visit. It was defiantly one of our favourites too! We want to share this amazing experience with you!

One of the main reasons we so badly wanted to explore the beautiful mountains and caves of El Torcal was because of its fascinating history. During our guided tour we were told by Sarah our guide that the whole area of Torcal (17km) including the cliff tops was under sea until 100 million years ago. Then the movement of the Earth’s crust pushed upwards into the hills and mountains up to 1,300m. This is the cause of the unusual rock formations you see there today.

As we were lucky enough to have a guided tour to direct and educate us on the historic grounds, we got to enter three different caves. All of which were worlds apart from each other. We were given hard hats and head torches to wear in the caves. This was for the safety of course. 

The first cave we arrived at was enormous. However, we only allowed entering the cave down a narrow steep slope. Once we were halfway down we had to stop. There was a sheer drop down right in front of us. In order to access the rest of the cave, you had to abseil down the rocks and into the darkness! We were not equipped nor experienced enough to do this, hence why we couldn’t enter any further. 


It was a long trek to the second cave. We saw some little goats that live there on the rocky terrain. We also spotted some bulls on the way.

Our Guide set her backpack down and asked us if we were ready to go down into the next cave. We all looked around trying to spot the cave we were about to enter. Our guide stood by a couple of rocks and pointed towards them. I peered down and saw a small opening, this was the cave we were about to enter.

“ Incredibly impressive, unique and surreal experience 

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