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My Trip To Malaga & Cómpeta
mi viaje a España



Recently I have come back from some travelling / visiting family in Spain and I had such an amazing time I decided to do a travel blog about my Spanish Inspiración. I usually only blog about technology or gadgets but I had such a "hermoso viaje".   


Well... where to start about Malaga & Competa. To sum it up, it has been one of the top journeys and I have travelled to over 6 countries! 

I was picked up my by my family and we all then had a 40-minute journey up the mountains to Cómpeta which was an “ Impresionante villa ” it was so lovely to see the views, the feel of wind through your hair whilst soaking in the      “ caliente sol ”... You would almost forget the fact that just a few feet beside you were an enormous drop with hardly any safety barriers to stop you.  As we sprung around the mountain this unbelievable city on the hill just emerged and just looking at the rustic scenery made myself have a warm feeling. 



Cómpeta is one of the famous white villages, steeped in Moorish history and culture                                          


One thing I kept thinking whilst driving towards Cómpeta is “How the hell does anybody drive around I cannot see any roads just a mass of houses/villas and farmland”, when we went for a venture around at Siesta it becomes apparent as to why I couldn’t see any roads. 



In Cómpeta there was so much history it just oozed out the buildings and scenery, I was so impressed as an artist/designer to see so many handmade pieces of art... ranging from historic art to just general house decor everything as very intricate. If you wish to visit a more “tranquilo” and go for long walks, even explore with your other half perhaps, I would recommend Cómpeta!

The Villa

After spending a day mooching around Cómpeta we took a short drive higher up the mountain to our villa and that is when I think I truly feel in love with the Spanish “ camino ” of life; plus gave me a strong ambition to work hard  for one day I could own a luxuriously rustic yet modern villa like this. I won’t get into politics or exchange rates but let’s just say for around €150,000  up to €300,000  which sounds expensive but really it’s not a lot and everything honestly is so cheap in Spain its brillante!





There is always a bad and good side

I might have rambled on by now about amazing Spain is but of course like everything it does have it's up`s and downs. I noticed with electricity surging in bad /windy weather, which if you see the funny side like I try to do, it was almost like a club lighting sometimes at night in severe weather. But I better explain some bad sides as to not sound like I am biased or doing one of those paid holiday reviews haha. Other bad sides range from not having NHS and if you live up in the mountain ranges like Cómpeta finding emergency services are vast, plus if you have animals beware of the many local poisons and the all mighty 



Marching Session

Yes, that is right I said Marching session, worried? 
Well, its even stranger than you may think...

Basically what happens is extremely poisonous Caterpillars grow in Pinecone trees like the photo above, they look like giant spider webs amongst the trees and when in session they “ March ” mainly attached to one other like a “ brigada “ – Bridge to a new location to live. But wait it gets stranger... if they at all feel threatened they will shoot off their tiny hairs into the air which if caught on anywhere of the body is known to inflame, causing painful rashes and poison the afflicted area to some cases cause 
very nasty injuries!


So imagine poor animals like dogs as I noticed a high Dog / Ex-pac community within some of the villages having lots of dogs, many unfortunately are strays which is terrible but I have been already in a week told many stories of the “ leyendas locales “ – Local Legends. 

Who would take in many stray animals to help them to a new home, but mainly keep; one story I heard was that a lady had up to 9 dogs and many other animals she wanted to originally “ dar a un nuevo hogar “ – Give to a new home. But in turn, she ended up loving them too much they all stayed and I think within that reveals a big point about the kind and humane the Spanish really are. Even going for a walk you would always greet and meet locals plus English/Dutch and numerous other nationalities. 


" Wasp Whisperer - Amongst the huge amount of wildlife that can harm you there is much that doesn’t too, like before getting a stunning close up with my new macro lense; we managed to rescue the poor wasp drowning in the pool. I think he knew hopefully... that we were trying to save him as he didnt sting us. 

Besides that, there is small other bad things like accessibity to certain locations absolutely destroying your cars chassis, unless of course, you have a 4x4. 

However, the mountain ranges being as beautiful some with “ impresionante” views and even waterfalls...those bad points and more go “right out the window”.




On the note of “ impresionante ” views whilst exploring up the mountain I was told about a beautiful restaurant high up in the mountains that



 has food to “ morir ” for, so of cours,e I wanted to go and see if it lived up to its name. Trekking our way up the mountains we eventually hit the very small village and restaurant called Bar El Acebuchal where I had the tastiest “ Pato y Salsa de Manzana ” - Duck & Apple sauce. It was then I realised why this place had such a big name for their food cuisine as it was one of the best dishes of food I 
have ever tasted. 


That was not the end of it, oh no! I saw they haa d beer with sea water in...

I was absolutely shocked, it was a instant “ Desafío aceptado ” moment I just had to try it. And yes, it is at first an abnormal combination I agree but honest,ly it was “ sabroso ” and would again recommend exploring new tastes when going abroad...there is just some things that cannot be mass produced and is really down to how traditional families pass on “ especial ” recipes. We got literally dragged (but a friendly drag) into the shops bakery where they make their own fresh bread and shown the process was “ interesante ”.



Still NOT BORED...? 



One of my biggest dreams was to venture around Malaga and its well known nightlife, the venturing around part  succeed but however I will just have to return to see about this so called “ vida nocturna ”... I started my journey from a top tip I heard, which was to start at the top of Gibralfaro Castle and walk down, as you can see from above the results were more “espectacular”  in person I had to sit and stare to soak it all in. Please if you visit I strongly advise doing the same route, you won’t regret it and it only takes around 10-20 minutes!

Did You Know ...
The castle was built in 929AD and is famous for its three-month siege by the Catholic monarch. Interesting historic fact: this was the first conflict in which gunpowder was used by both sides. 

I would take a whole day to visit Malaga as there is so much to see with back alleys with tremendously tasty traditional “ restaurante ”, it would be nearly impossible to visit the gorgeous beach, see the sights and have a mooch around in a few hours. So take some time to visit places like the Famous bull ring and the  “ Museo Casa Natal de Picasso ” As Piscasso`s birth place there is a beautiful art display worth a look at!




To conclude my journey before I bore everyone, I would start looking into flights over to Spain as they are really cheap off season from £30-£100 and course more on season. I had an “ espectacular ” time, explored, tried new cuisines, met new people and experienced new aspects of what life really is like in Spain. The culture and experiences gained from my trip has made me have a much different outlook and hope it shall do the same to others looking for an adventure, so until then “ muchas gracias ” for reading my travel blog I really hoped you enjoyed it as much as and remember always...

A mal tiempo, buena cara ” - In bad times, a face held high

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