The Hobbit House

Back in July the team and I heard of this amazing little cottage known as “The Hobbit House”. We saw a friends photography page Forgotten Heritage post a story about it, we instantly fell in love with the old heritage of the house and wanted our own story to tell. The team being adventurers, decided that we had to go on an adventure and find this place.

The Hobbit House - Secret & Abandoned Locations In The UK - Photography By KW Studio UK

In the image we saw online it looked like an illustration out of a children’s fairy tale, it was truly beautiful. We were told it was somewhere in Wiltshire but we weren’t given much more information than this which made this very difficult, but even more exciting! It was roughly an hour’s drive from where we live so it wasn’t too far and luckily our friend sent a rough route eventually. What a good guy! Later arriving in the little town where we were told it roughly was we parked up and got onto our adventure for The Hobbit House.

Through miles of walking through fields and overgrown grass, we finally spotted something familiar. We had reached a tiny track that seemed to go nowhere, after crossing to the other side we saw an abandoned looking quarry. Cool as this was it wasn’t what we came all this way for. As we peered over the hedges I heard a team member explode with excitement shouting that it was over the other side!

I looked over and there it was in all its beauty! It felt so surreal that something so amazing was hidden away in the middle of nowhere.


The Hobbit House - Secret & Abandoned Locations In The UK - Photography By KW Studio UK

I read a little about the history of the cottage and found out that it was made originally many years back for Sheep as a small stone house. We looked for a way to get across the hedge and saw an opening in the hedges and made our way through. The interior was almost unreal and resembled a scene out of the Hobbit film, we now understood why it was called The Hobbit House.

Inner parts of the handmade building were so intricately made it was a fascinating experience

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