GoPro Hero 4 Silver Review


The GoPro Hero 4 Silver produces some amazing 4K video footage for an action camera... It is most certainly my number one bit of kit to have if you are a creative photographer or action extremist. With its aesthetical design, resolution and frame-rate options will more than satisfy beginners all the way to experienced shooters. The built-in touchscreen makes previewing, reviewing and changing settings so easy it’s like having a mini smartphone and even has a FREE app to connect, plus free studio editor!  


Unfortunately compared to the Hero 4 Black it still needs housing to be waterproof however, I found the housing not too bad. The housing makes sound very distorted with not much room to work with in terms of audio when editing. There seems to be no option for in-camera digital image stabilization.


The GoPro Hero4 Silver takes everything we all liked about the Hero3+ Black especially the ridged design and solid video quality, then adds in some new handy features such as:

- Free App / Editor (very easy to use and complete film edit templates included)
- Touchscreen (Added 3-second hold slide to open, so none of those accidental clips missed)
- Waterproofed housing to 131 feet (40 meters)
- 4K Filming with time-lapse mode and 13MP still camera
- Housing buttons to easily film by the touch of a button




From using previous versions of the GoPro's and the new Hero 4 Black model I found the Hero 4 Silver has been the one to buy. Usually, it has been known to be a step down from the Black version but this model hands down has some of the best features and best performance around. Especially for a top end action camera, I found testing the device to be a breeze.

For $400/£289 the Hero4 Silver is a top end product for sure, plus it uses updated components and has a host of new recording options found in the Hero4 Black. Can’t go wrong! Overall the build, the quality and the accessories you can adapt to the product make this Hero 4 Silver my number action camera out there to buy. Of course, there is cheaper that are brilliant too, but you get what you pay for these days. 

From beginner to advanced users of photography/video plus even editing, the GoPro team have really thought this one through! You can have an app to control the camera through WIFI / Bluetooth connection which is handy for remote filming. Plus, they have introduced an amazing inline editor you can download for free on the website. 

The editor includes music, transitions and complete templates for beginners or quick edits to become… yes even easier to complete then render! There are lots of options to change about even certain modes such as Time Lapse, you can record at 4k 15fps, 2.7k 30fps and the most important usually 1080p at 60fps!

Here is some of the coolest gadgets or adaptions you can purchase online: 





Design & Features

For your money, you'll get the camera, a waterproof housing that can cope with the pressure down to 131 feet (40 meters), skeleton & touchback doors, two adhesive mounts (one flat one curved), horizontal and vertical quick-release buckles that attach to the bottom of the camera's housing and a three-way pivot arm, so you can mount the camera on the top, front, or side of a helmet.

A small locking plug (also included) can be used to help prevent the buckles from accidentally releasing from the mount from force/vibration. One strange thing is there is no charger in the box for the camera, just a Mini-USB cable for charging via computer or USB wall adapter if you have one. I just used my Apple plug to charge the device which helped charge much quicker!

Unfortunately, there is also no microSD card included for storage so plan on getting at least one of those and make sure it’s a HIGH-SPEED SDHC 16GB card or higher (Especially when filming in 4K). 

This device has been known to freeze which most people think is the device, but in fact, 90% of the time is the SD card not being fast enough to cope with the amount of data flowed through. 

I would strongly advise buying a POV carry case like I did to hold your kit in, as it's just to easy for accessories to get lost/damaged otherwise.





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