Classic Car Show Antequera Spain

Classic Car Show Promotional Video Malaga Spain

Classic Car Show Antequera 2016 - La Posada Boutique Hotel 

Every year The Classic Car Club of Antequera meet for a #classiccarshow and a bite to eat at the amazing Torcal Boutique Hotel. It was truly an experience that I will remember and way up in the mountains a very exclusive event too. I generally saw a member of the club who had put a Ferrari engine somehow inside of a tiny Fait 500 original shell... I was shocked but if you check out the pictures you can see some pictures to reflect the event.

I believe just coming along to view the classic cars is allowed so if you live in Spain check out and follow them on Facebook for regular updates! 


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La Posada del Torcal Boutique Hotel 

All Photography By KW Studio 

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