Caminito Del Ray | Wolds Most Dangerous Mountain Hike

Caminito Del Ray | Worlds Most Dangerous Mountain Hike

Caminito Del Ray  - " The Kings Little Path Way
Mountain Hike With #GoPro 
Film & Edit By Kent Wynne 


The Gorge Desfiladero de los Gaitanes is a natural beauty spot, placed in the centre of the province, between the towns of Alora, Antequera and Ardales. This is one of the most beautiful spots of the Malaga Mountains.

Between its steep and considerably high walls, the River Guadalhorce which at some points is only 10 meters wide and 700 meters deep. 

History Of The Path

The walkway was completed in 1905 after 4 years of construction so workers could move materials back and forth between the two hydroelectric power plants at Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls on either end of the canyon. A water canal also weaves its way through tunnels in the mountains.

The suspended catwalk allowed easy access to this canal for inspections and maintenance work, controlling the flow of water when necessary using a series of steel doors lowered into the canal with gears.

Spanish King Alfonso XIII inaugurated the pathway in 1921, which is why it’s now called “The King’s Little Pathway”. The King himself walked the length of it to marvel at the beautiful & scenic landscape.


 For any adventure seeker or just for the stunning experience, I would strongly suggest visiting Caminito Del Ray, its only 10 EUROS. Caminito was full of Spanish history, thrills and breathtaking views - which is perfect for anyone travelling Spain. What you waiting for, go explore! ”.






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 Caminito was full of Spanish history, thrills and breathtaking views all for only 12 - which is perfect for anyone travelling Spain ”.

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