Newbury Michaelmas Fair & Fireworks

Held at Goldwell Park (otherwise known as Northcroft Fields), this annual event will be opened on Wednesday 16th October by the Mayor of Newbury at 6.00 pm. The event runs Wednesday through till Saturday with a gigantic firework display at 9.00 pm on Friday 18th.


Newbury Berkshire Fair & Fireworks


Newbury Berkshire Fair & Fireworks

^^ The Fireworks In case you missed out! ^^ 

"More than four hundred years of tradition come to Goldwell Park, Newbury. Come and enjoy white knuckle rides and a wider than ever selection of children's rides".

Newbury Berkshire Fair & Fireworks

Wednesday is half price night and on Friday night there was a special firework display, which will lit the skies at 9pm - not to be missed for the future!

With over 20 rides to choose from, the Orbitor ride, a white knuckle experience takes punters 150ft in the air in spinning gondolas. Pretty crazy fun right? All so, set to thrill you is the wave swinger ride, which tilts punters seated in a capsule at the end of a long chain, as they fly out in the air. I managed to get some cool shots with long-exposure capturing this below...


More traditional family fun can be had on the dodgems too. Plus, Lots of great stalls for sweets, treats and drinks throughout the night! Make sure to check out the fruit slush puppies, there were around 6 different flavours I saw that you usually cannot get in shops - Very tropical!

Newbury Berkshire Fair & Fireworks

Those who prefer to keep two feet on the ground can browse over 50 stalls, including food and fortune-tellers, plus games with prizes at the fair and I believe is operated by the Showman's Guild.

The Michaelmas Fair will be opened by the Mayor of Newbury at 6pm on Wednesday 16th and runs until Saturday 19th October.


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The Newbury Michaelmas Fair is always held on:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday in the week where the Thursday is the first Thursday following the 11th of October.


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Newbury Berkshire Fair & Fireworks


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