Torcal Boutique Hotel needed a website fast. They had spent a year renovating an old Spanish property and were open for business without a website. We took some photographs of their amazing rooms and beautifully decorated reception areas and added them to a small basic website that the family could run and maintain themselves.


With our fast turn-around, they were able to get themselves onto hotel booking sites and bookings started coming in until they were booked to full capacity.

We all so had the pleasure of being the videographer for the infamous Classic Car Club Rally annual booking at La Posada hotel. It was such an experience and one to remember with so many classic cars, lovely car enthusiasts and beautiful Spanish food. We even spoke to a gentleman shown in the picture below, he showed me how he had fitted a Ferrari engine inside of his Fiat 500... wow!  You can see the full story with photography and the video on our
blog here

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