Sanyo Battery Product Review.

The understanding and use of electricity are largely responsible for the advanced technology that we enjoy today: electric light, heat, digital computers, television, music on CD, DVD video, radar, microwave ovens, cell phones, and on and on and on.

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Sanyo Battery Product Review - Kent Wynne


What I Did.

Sanyo needed a professional non-biased product review. So I created a digital studio photography project around the review and tested what were the Pro's and Con's of the battery. 

I tested the battery, then created a professional product review around the studio photography shots I took. The battery actually tested out so well against heavy-duty items, such as cameras and my external LED lights (which I call battery killers). Overall I was very impressed by the Sanyo battery, I still actually use it today!

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Sanyo Battery Product Review - Kent Wynne



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