Do you work at a charity brand, event/venue or business
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Hi my names Kent Wynne, and I live to help others. Over the past years, I've helped people, businesses and charities. I believe that we all should give back, and for me, I always love to get involved in charity based work as its a very personal thing that brings light into others. Over the past 6 years doing visual media, I have managed (or assisted in managing) over 4 charity event fundraisers raising a total of 10K for various charities. How did I do this? By producing video and photography that tells a story others can relate too, or feel for.

Kent Wynne Charity Events - Macmillan Biggest Coffee Hour Newbury Berkshire


Why Visual Is So Powerful

Visual information is absorbed and understood by the brain in 250 milliseconds. That’s almost twice as fast as you blink! And when you watch a video, you retain 95% of the information, versus only 10% when you read text. Crazy right? Video is, therefore, the ideal medium through which to deliver key marketing messages.

When your customers are watching your videos, whether looking at the new charity donation options, getting to know members of your charity team, or talking to others about your services - you’re facilitating a much greater level of interaction than other content. That in turn, drives a likely greater level of engagement, and ultimately action or transaction.


Kent Wynne Charity Events Berkshire    

Charity Clients I've Worked With: 

I had the pleasure of working with some of the worlds biggest charity companies, local charities and events. 
Download or view my Charity Presentation Here.

Kent Wynne Charity Clients - Macmillan Cancer Support UK Kent Wynne Charity Clients - Buzz Local Community Magazine Kent Wynne Charity Clients - Sue Ryder Charity Newbury  Kent Wynne Charity Clients - Barnardo's Charity UK Kent Wynne Charity Clients - Visit Newbury UK Kent Wynne Charity Clients - Visit Newbury UK


Why Choose Me.

Kent Wynne Automotive - Why Choose Me?Kent Wynne Charity - Why Choose Me?

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- Previous Automotive Industry Experience

So, What's Next? 

Upon booking online, you will receive your booking reference and payment options to secure your booking date/time. I will then get in touch to book our 60-90 minute consultation, this will be where we get those creative juices following and plan our strategy for the project, plus I'll answer any questions you may have. Together, we then plan the film/photoshoot dates/times and also the storyboard which is vital to tell your story. Once our project together is completed, I will help you deploy the project online and show you the best marketing methods to get advertising. Most importantly, build your revenue and ROI! 

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